Friday, October 14, 2011


Hi there readers, today i'm bringing you a brand new content that i'm going to try to introduce more often on my blog, i'm going to give you some kind of a review of the movies i see on the theater or at my place.

Yesterday i saw Contagion. I was waiting for this movie to be release for about 2 months and it wasn't has good has expected.
Firstly, the argument is pretty good and the way that they use it is, in my opinion, a way of showing people that we are very vulnerable to little events that can happen on the other side of the world.

The story shows the the 133 days of 4 people life during a epidemic that comes from Hong Kong.
This epidemic kills about 1% of the world population before it the vacine is discovered.
One of the for people is a guy that has a blog, just like me, and he wrights a lot of conspiracy theories on his blog, and a lot of them show up to be true.

The movie is very short on story, and some characters appear for no good reason. Sometimes you ask your self, "what hell is this story for?"... But oh well, its a good Blockbuster.

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