Monday, August 1, 2011

Optimus Alive'11

So tomato here, went to two awesome festivals this summer. Yes, i'm here to make you jelly :P
I've saw some fantastic concerts from some of my favorite bands, and i've discovered new bands that i've never heard before.

Today i'm only going to talk about my first festival this year.
Optimus Alive'11

So in this festival i only went to the two best days, and those were the Coldplay day, and Foo Fighters. In the first day (the day of Coldplay) i've discovered a new band, that i've never heard before, Grouplove. They were really cool, very interactive with the audience and the music was pretty cool for a band that only has one EP.
My favorite song was Itching on a Photograph:

Afterwards came Blondie. And this concert was perfect for my parents since they love Blondie and have all her records. I only knew the more famous songs. Anyway, i've enjoyed her concert, she was very cute with the audience and gave a great concert.
I remember this song from my childhood :P

And, at the end of the day, came COLDPLAY! The concert was ultra-colorfull and full of special effects.
Chris Martin was super interactive with all the audience. He even told some jokes!

And finally...

The Second day.
The Foo Fighters day.
To me, the Foo Fighters concert was the best concert i've saw this year. Even after going to SBSR, i can still tell you that Dave Grohl gave a f*cking awesome concert!

But before i talk about Foo Fighters, i still have to show you Iggy and the Stooges.

And here you go, Foo Fighters.

See you soon! Next time i'm going to talk about SBSR'11!

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