Monday, November 7, 2011

Slow Club

Slow Club

  Have you ever heard giving up on love? No? Then you don't know what your missing bud... The song is from the Slow Club, which is a folk-rock duo from Sheffield England.
  They are not a brand new band, in fact, they were formed back in 2006 right after the break-up of another Sheffield band (that you may know) called "The Lonely Hearts". No its not that band from the USA, this one is from England but its normal that you've never heard about it, because it never got popular and there is barely no info about this band online.
  The band is made up of those two guys on the picture, Charles and Rebecca. Don't know if they are a couple but, who cares? Right girls?
  They released a Two 7" Singles in 2007, the "Slow Club" and the second one called "Me and You". Both of these singles were produced on Moshi Moshi club (cool name ah?) and a year after they release their first EP, "Let's Fall Back in Love" (know i think they are a couple...). Also, they made a song called "Christmas TV" that was released in December 2008.

  Their first album was recorded by Mike Timm at the Axis Studio in their hometown, called "Yeah So" on July 2009.
  The second album, Paradise, was release on 12 September 2011.

  Here are some songs from Slow Club, hope you enjoy it! See you next time!

And my favorite:


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